J. Holt & Associates

Are You Looking For Real Estate Agent or Property Investor Leads?

Are you tired of the quality of leads you are getting from the some of the national guys? Are you tired of leads that are oversold, worn out and peddled to anyone that will buy them?

We don't sell existing lead lists like the others do. We custom build them for you!

Our niche is providing custom built lead lists, sourced from certain public records and based on our client's specifications. 

WE ​MAY OR MAY NOT BE ABLE TO ASSIST YOU WITH QUALITY LEAD DATA.  It really depends on where your market area is at and if we're able research the necessary data. But, check out our website, give us a shout, let us know what types of lead data you’re looking for and the counties and state you’re working and we'll get back with you to let you know if we can make it happen.

Our rates are reasonable, quality is second to none and we always provide personal service.

Fresh And Accurate Lead Data Is Key In
Pacing Yourself Ahead Of Your Competition