J. Holt & Associates

Pending Eviction Leads

At times a landlord is faced with having to evict a tenant. Delinquent rent payments, damages to the property, code violations, criminal activities and other factors can cause an absentee owner/landlord to take these measures.

Our eviction leads are different than the old aged eviction data others might try to sell. With our eviction leads you have a chance to reach the homeowner while the eviction is still in process and the tenant is still residing at the property. This is an opportunity to reach the landlords at one of their worst moments - trying to evict someone, racking up legal expenses and possibly enduring property damages.

Sometimes landlords just get burned out, get tired of all of the hassle and might consider selling. This could be a golden opportunity to approach them with selling options that they may not be aware of.

Eviction leads are also a great source of locating absentee owners.