Experts will tell you that probate marketing can have its rewards if approached correctly. We offer the best probate leads on the market.

We work one on one with real estate investors and real estate agents, create a marketing campaign based on their specifications and then source the data.

​When it comes to probate data ours is only the cream of the crop and our approach is unique. You will not find this quality anywhere else.

A typical probate project consists of sourcing 100 potentially motivated sellers that already have or soon will be inheriting properties and the data is sent in weekly batches throughout the process to make sure the records can be worked while still fresh. It’s important to strive to stay ahead of your competition. These campaigns generally take from 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

Our probate data is second to none. Try getting this quality anywhere else:

  • ​All properties provided are off market and not listed.
  • Ownership is verified on each one.​
  • ​Assessed property values are verified on each one.
  • ​Property types are verified one each one and you will only receive probate data as it relates to the types of properties you wish to purchase.
  • ​100 records are sourced over a 6 to 8 week campaign. 
  • ​All data will be the freshest available and sent in weekly batches to you.

Hard work pays off. The end result is fresh and accurate probate data which has several advantages when tailored specifically to your marketing game plan.

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Probate Leads